Update from Bruce, 18 Nov 2014  !!!

---- MayFlower Connection(s) ----

I've now confirmed two distinct connections to the Mayflower.  The First is a connection to William Brewster.  The Second path actually connects to 2 people,  John Howland and John Tilly, via Tilly's daughter who John Howland married after arriving.  For details click on the Mayflower Connections tab for details on who in my family tree shares these connections.

---- Russell Book ----

Russell, Massachusetts - Establishment of a New England town and early historical notes

We continue to receive requests for the books periodically and still have copies available if anybody is interested.

 With the most recent run, we now have 350 books in print well exceeding what we originally
 expected the interest level to be.

My father, my brother Jim and I all have signed copies available. 
You can fill out the "Contact Us" form if you'd like to get you directly from us.   

We have two sites where books can be purchased locally: 

Russell Public Library, Main St.,  Russell,
BearTown Bears/Whip City Candle,  North Elm Street, Westfield

Additionally books can also be ordered on-line through our publisher "Off The Common Books"

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